Blessed Are You: Songs You Love to Sing



From Gretchen: "I took three years off to take care of my teens, and then put three more years into the recording of this album. It's been a while, and it is such a blessing to be back and to have a new album for the people who appreciate it. The support I've received from the Church across the country and internationally has been amazing over the years. I am happy to offer this new CD, full of church favorites, all for the glory of God. I hope and pray your favorites on are this album too!"

Produced by Carl Herrgesell in Nashville, and with Gretchen's vocals produced by veteran Catholic composer and musician Tom Booth in Tucson, this album had the best talents across the country involved. Legendary Nashville musicians played along with Herrgesell's expert piano talents and background vocals. Duets with Gretchen were provided by beloved Catholic singer Robert Kochis, Trevor Thomson from OCP's, and Gretchen's daughter Amy, who has been ministering with her mother for over ten years.

With the choice of songs being all well-loved worship music and congregational songs from mass, everyone is sure to find just what they are looking for. The classically trained yet emotion-filled voice of Gretchen Harris is known to touch the heart as she sings with meaning and reflection, tenderness and love for the Lord. This CD is long-awaited and a welcome return to Catholic Christian music ministry from one of its most accomplished and appreciated female singers.